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Texas Defense & Firearm Training, LLC.

Veteran Owned​ Company

Training is an never ending path, start your path today and give yourself the power to protect yourself, your family and the community. Firearm ownership does not stop at LTC license, it is just the beginning.

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Welcome to the Texas Defense & Firearm Training, LLC. website.


Concealed Carry and Home Defense Training Course 

Concealed Carry and Home Defense 

*This class will discuss situation awareness, when you are in the moment of having to use force, what happens before, during and after non-lethal and deadly force is used. What happens when the police come to the scene. The process of the legal system after a use of force. This class is for the very beginner to advanced person who owns a firearm or thinking about purchasing a firearm.

Click Button Below for Concealed Carry and Home Defense Registration

Concealed Carry and Home Defense Training Course Registration

Texas LTC Certification

This course provides Texas Certification for License to Carry for Pistol. This course discusses the laws associated with carrying a firearm concealed and open carry. We will discuss the do's and don'ts and what gadgets and equipment you will need to carry. This course will be 4-6 hours classroom and 1 hours on the firing range. For further registration information for this class, hit the hyperlink button below and it will send you to the USCCA registration page for the Texas LTC certification class. 

Texas LTC Certification Class Registration

Situational Awareness Course - 

In the world today, being able to detect possible trouble and react before it happens is a skill we all need to practice. Military and Police have been using situational awareness for a long time, now it is time to pass those skills to the public and help people determine possible threats before they find you. So many times we see people walking with both ear buds in their ear, or people looking at their phone and not what is in front of them. These are just two out of many things we live in a condition white (clueless) condition around us. We need to condition ourselves to notice anomalies and to analyze and act accordingly.  We have also partnered with Homeland Security to promote their Blue Campaign. The Blue Campaign brings awareness about human trafficking in the USA and right here in our own community. 

Situational Awareness Course

Handgun 101 Training Course 

*This course will discuss the operation of your specific handgun. We will discuss the 4 international safety rules. We will disassemble, clean and assemble your piston in the class room and discuss gadgets and holsters and preventive maintenance required for your hand gun. We will discuss the international safety rules. There is no ammo allowed in this course. All firearms will be checked by the instructor prior to entering the classroom. Bring your cleaning supplies and holsters. We will then spend range time getting familiar with your firearm and trialing the LTC shooting portion of the state mandated test.

CLICK the box below to register for the Handgun 101 Training Course

Handgun 101 Training Course Registration

Deadly Force & Non-Lethal Force

This course introduces the definition of lethal and non-lethal force. In a case you cannot escape and must use force to get to safety, understanding the transition from non-lethal to lethal force is important. We will look at scenarios that an everyday person could experience and making those quick decisions to determine your actions can have an affect on you and those around you. We will discuss deadly force, the actions leading and after using force. We will discuss the aftermath and when first responders come to the scene. This is especially important to understand since the police do not know you or others that maybe carrying and could mistake you as a threat. This 2-hour course will help you understand lethal and non-lethal force and what happens during and after an event.

Click the box below to register for the Lethal (Deadly) & Non-Lethal Force Course

Deadly Force and Non-Lethal Force Course Registration

First Aid Fundamentals

This course includes the actions from the time a medical emergency happens to the time EMS and first responders arrive on the scene. Focuses on life saving steps such as controlling bleeding, strokes, heart attacks, broken bones, heat stroke, and diabetic reactions. This course is good for everyone from hunters to babysitters. The course comes with a fundamental of first aid book and the knowledge to do basic first aid steps. This is a 2-hour course.

Click the box below to register for the First Aid Fundamentals Course

First Aid Fundamental Course Registration

Developing a Personal and Home Defense Plan

This course assists you with developing self-awareness and defensive plans for you and your family. We will discuss situational awareness, how we view the world around us and the threats that can confront us. We discuss how to make us less of a target for threats, in parking lots, in malls and other structures. We discuss how to determine our actions, flee or retreat, or confront. We will discuss home defense and how to make plans so family members know how to react to home invasions or other threats. Where to meet, where to barricade you and your family. We will discuss when you use force and what force is best in the house with or without others in the home. Lastly, we will discuss the call to 911 and actions you do when the police arrive. This course is a 3-hour classroom only course.

Click the box below to register for the Developing a Personal and Home Defense Plan Course

Developing a Personal and Home Defense Plan Course Registration

Defensive Shooting Fundamentals One

This course is a 2-part course. Classroom and shooting range. The classroom course covers “Training your mind and body to respond”. How our bodies react to startling situations and how we train by using those physical and psychological responses to determine our actions and follow through. We will discuss what our bodies do during a stressful situation. How to combat those situations so we are more focused in stressful situations. We discuss how our minds react from slow and fast motion, to remembering details of their and our reactions, example is how many rounds did you shoot? We will also go over the beginning, during and end of use of force to include calling 911, talking to the 911 operator, and when the police arrive. The small arms range portion will put you in a stressful shooting situation and do drills that will allow you to understand your reactions to stress. Classroom is 4 hours and Range time is 3 hours.

Click the box below to register for the Defensive Shooting Fundamentals One Course

Defensive Shooting Fundamental One Registration

Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Two

This course is classroom and range time. This course provides the experience of what it would look like if you were caught in a defensive situation. Do you draw your weapon or not, when do you draw, and what are you looking for to determine the force necessary, or just to escape? We will discuss the psychological and physical reactions and put students in stressful situations that mimic possible real situations. We will discuss multiple targets and the correct way to engage, cover, reload, and re-engage. This is a no live ammo or firearms course. We will use training pistols only. This is a 4-hour classroom course and 3-hours range time.

Click the box below to register for the Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Two Course

Defensive Shooting Fundamental Two Registration