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Texas Defense & Firearm Training, LLC.

Veteran Owned​ Company

Training is an never ending path, start your path today and give yourself the power to protect yourself, your family and the community. Firearm ownership does not stop at LTC license, it is just the beginning.

First lesson in defending yourself is learning how to identify a threat early enough to flee the situation! Carrying a weapon is only in a last resort or when all lessor means have failed!

Take Charge of Your Safety by Educating Yourself

Welcome to the Texas  Defense & Firearm Training, LLC. website.


Training Course Explanations

Concealed Carry and Home Defense Certified Instructor

Do you think you have the motivation and passion to instruct defense courses to others? We are now certified to instruct new instructors in the USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Instructor course so you can instruct others. As Training Counselor with the USCCA, it is more than just teaching others to teach, we are here to mentor and assist you in your journey in helping others. We will prepare you for success and provide you the information and skills to instruct, setup training schedules, mentor your classes, provide you information to build your own business. We are not worried about competition, we want those who have a passion to help others to grow to inform others. If you have that drive and passion, contact Ted Jagen on the contact page and he will contact you to provide more details.

USCCA Information - 

What you will achieve and receive once you are a USCCA Instructor

1. USCCA Instructor ID Card

2. Concealed Carry and Home Defense Classroom starter pack - everything to start your own class

3. Digital CCHDF course materials such as the PowerPoint presentations to conduct your class

4. Student Management and course management through the USCCA website

5. USCCA Training Counselor to personally assist you in starting your own classes and provide support in your endeavors. 

6.  Concealed Carry and Home Defense Instructor Certification 

Register today and make a difference tomorrow!

Countering a Mass Shooter Threat

In this class, you’ll review with your students an analysis of data gathered from 48 mass shootings that have occurred since Columbine to determine what can be learned from these tragedies. You’ll also learn whether so-called “gun-free” zones figure into the planning of these mass murderers, whether victim response during mass shootings has made a difference and whether “universal background checks” or other proposals by gun-control advocates stand a chance of stemming the current trajectory of these shootings. 

Lessons Included in This Curriculum: What We’ve Learned • Countering the Threat • Planning, Implementing and drills for Emergency Action Plans

Contact Ted Jagen at 817-797-8244 or email at [email protected] to enquire about this course. 

Situational Awareness Course ( Blue Campaign)

The Situational Awareness Course provides skills and information to make you more aware about your surroundings and detect behavioral anomalies in others so as to detect potential bad situations. The military and police use this everyday in their profession and now it is available to everyone. Situational awareness is learning the behavioral and social acts of people and being able to detect potential threats before they even act. Gaining extra seconds to minutes is the difference between escaping and having to fight for your life. This course is designed for ages from 12 and up. If you are one that stares at their phone in public, walk alone with ear buds in their ears, walk alone in dark areas alone, this course is for you. We will dig deep into situational awareness and the benefits of being aware of your surroundings. We will also talk about threats, and how bad people use situational awareness to hunt their prey. Most people use situational awareness and have no clue they are using it. Example is your waitress or waiter, have you ever started at them for just a second and they come to your table and ask you if you need anything. We will be real and show examples of no awareness to those who are aware. 

Handgun 101 Course  - 

This course provides an understanding and working knowledge of your personal handgun. We go over the mechanical parts and the operation, the cleaning and maintenance, and the storage of your handgun. We then go to the range and practice with your firearm. We will do the LTC shooting test to allow you know your strengths and weakness. 

In class and on the range, you will learn to disassemble your handgun and clean it so it is ready for use. In this class, you will need to bring your handgun (no ammo allowed in class) and your cleaning supplies. We will also talk about gadgets, such as holsters and the use of lights and lasers. This is an in-classroom training only. This course is 4 hour classroom and 2 hour range course. 

Texas DPS License To Carry Course - 

This course the the certified Texas DPS License to Carry class and range proficiency course to obtain your Texas License to Carry. The state mandates 4-6 hours of class room training and to show range proficiency. We will go over all the required topics and there is a written test at the end of the course. We will then conduct the range proficiency. Please do not show up at this course without shooting your firearm first. We cannot help you on the range proficiency and we want you as prepared as possible.  You will only need to bring your safety gear, firearm, and 50 rounds of ammo and pay for the range fee.

Home Defense and Concealed Carry Course -

This course is about the fundamentals of home defense and carrying concealed firearms. It also includes the discussion on designing and implementing a home defense plan for you and your family. We discuss situational awareness and how to determine to flee or confront. We will discuss how to find the right firearm for you and the different uses are dependent on the type you will want to use. We discuss self-defense firearm basics, the legal use of force, when the decision of force is used, and the aftermath as well as basic and advanced skills, which include exercises to improve your firearm use. This is an in-classroom training only. Course is 8 hour class. Course cost is $75.00.

Lethal (Deadly) & Non-lethal Force

This course introduces the definition of lethal and non-lethal force. In a case you cannot escape and must use force to get to safety, understanding the transition from non-lethal to lethal force is important. We will look at scenarios that an everyday person could experience and making those quick decisions to determine your actions can have an affect on you and those around you. We will discuss deadly force, the actions leading and after using force. We will discuss the aftermath and when first responders come to the scene. This is especially important to understand since the police do not know you or others that maybe carrying and could mistake you as a threat. This 2-hour course will help you understand lethal and non-lethal force and what happens during and after an event. No weapons or ammo used during this course. 

Developing a Personal and Home Defense Plan

This course assists you with developing self-awareness and defensive plans for you and your family. We will discuss situational awareness, how we view the world around us and the threats that can confront us. We discuss how to make us less of a target for threats, in parking lots, in malls and other structures. We discuss how to determine our actions, flee or retreat, or confront. We will discuss home defense and how to make plans so family members know how to react to home invasions or other threats. Where to meet, where to barricade you and your family. We will discuss when you use force and what force is best in the house with or without others in the home. Lastly, we will discuss the call to 911 and actions you do when the police arrive. This course is a 5-hour classroom only course. Course cost is $65 per couple.

First Aid Fundamentals - 

In this course, you’ll learn how to teach the proper way to assess a patient. You’ll also learn in great detail the proper way to deal with serious bleeding, chest injuries, a compromised airway, spinal injuries, broken bones and more. It all boils down to the same thing: sustaining the life of the patient until he or she can be delivered to the emergency room. First Aid Fundamentals training book comes with this course.

Lessons Included in This Curriculum:

Patient Assessment • Traumatic Emergencies • Medical Emergencies • Building Your Own FirstAid Kit

Defensive Shooting Fundamentals One

This course is a 2-part course. Classroom and shooting range. The classroom course covers “Training your mind and body to respond”. How our bodies react to startling situations and how we train by using those physical and psychological responses to determine our actions and follow through. We will discuss what our bodies do during a stressful situation. How to combat those situations so we are more focused in stressful situations. We discuss how our minds react from slow and fast motion, to remembering details of their and our reactions, example is how many rounds did you shoot? We will also go over the beginning, during and end of use of force to include calling 911, talking to the 911 operator, and when the police arrive. The small arms range portion will put you in a stressful shooting situation and do drills that will allow you to understand your reactions to stress. Classroom is 4 hours and Range time is 2 hours. Course cost is $85.

Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Two

This course is classroom and range time. This course provides the experience of what it would look like if you were caught in a defensive situation. Do you draw your weapon or not, when do you draw, and what are you looking for to determine the force necessary, or just to escape? We will discuss the psychological and physical reactions and put students in stressful situations that mimic possible real situations. We will discuss multiple targets and the correct way to engage, cover, reload, and re-engage. This is a no live ammo or firearms course. We will use training pistols only. This is a 4-hour classroom course and 2-hours range time. Course cost is $85.

Training is the key to understanding your capabilities

The training courses we offer are designed to take the most beginner to the most advanced. Texas Defense and Firearm Training, LLC. wants you to grow and become knowledgeable of the world around you so you can feel safe and able to make the best decisions if a threat arrives. We are all about safety, training, and practicing what we learn. If you have any questions please contact us through the CONTACT page of this website. 

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