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Texas Defense & Firearm Training, LLC.

Veteran Owned​ Company

Training is an never ending path, start your path today and give yourself the power to protect yourself, your family and the community. Firearm ownership does not stop at LTC license, it is just the beginning.

Your Protection 

Is Our Top Priority

Welcome to the Texas  Defense & Firearm Training, LLC. website.


We Are All About the Training

Welcome to the Texas Defense & Firearm Training, LLC. website. We are a veteran owned company that focuses on various home defense and firearm safety training courses. We believe training is a path. We want to  cultivate your own training program, at your own speed. 

Our training is not all about firearms, it is about taking steps in our lives so we do not have to use force to defend ourselves. Instructing situational awareness, first aid fundamentals, countering a mass shooter threat, and developing a personal and home defense plan, we want our students to learn how to detect threats before they act. These courses do not require firearms or any weapons of any kind. 

Those who do want to learn how to use firearms to protect themselves, it is more than just getting a LTC (License to Carry) and you are ready to deal with any threat. LTC is just a license to carry, not a license you know how to use your firearm. There is so many things to learn and you need to know what you can do and how you will react if force is needed to defend yourself. We want to be your partner in your defense program, we want to show you how to train and practice so you will be effective in your own defense. 

Start your defense training plan today!

Ted Jagen - Bio

Ted Jagen is a Navy Submariner Veteran of 14 years.  He was certified to training Navy personnel in the use of numerous types of small arms. He has trained over 800 Navy personnel in the use of various small arms to include pistol, shotgun, M-16, and M-14, and with no incident. He left the service to work as a technical training manager in the use of manufacturing equipment, traveled domestically and internationally instructing the use of plastic injection molding machines, he designed and integrated training manuals to allow customers a thorough training program to allow people to learn WHY and How the equipment is used. He has always worked to strengthened people's minds and make them more confident in the work they did. 

He completed his Bachelor of Science in Management and then his Master's in Business Administration to further his ability to instruct others and improve his personal growth. Little over a year ago, he went through the USCCA Instructor course and started his business, Texas Defense & Firearm Training, LLC. He wants to make a positive impact in his life, his family's life, and his community. He has a passion to teach those who want to make themselves better. Even more, he wants to teach people how to defend themselves in such a way they do not have to confront a threat, and if they do have to confront a threat, they will make the best decisions they can for themselves and those around them. Ted Jagen has recently completed his next education journey in certification as a USCCA Training Counselor. He now can training and certify those self learners so they can instruct defense training and make a greater impact in our community. He is on a quest to find the men and women who want to lead their own training program and grow their communities. 

USCCA Certifications

Concealed Carry and Home Defense Instructor 

First Aid Fundamental Instructor

Countering a Mass Shooter Threat Instructor

Training Counselor

Range Safety Officer 

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Texas License to Carry Program

Texas DPS License to Carry a Handgun Certification - Expires 12/31/2023

Training Courses 

Our courses are for the very beginner to the advanced, with a focus on deterrence and avoidance first and then use of force to include nonlethal to deadly force. Please review the courses offered, and if you have questions, feel free to contact us. We proudly cater to clients in DFW and the rest of Texas.