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Texas Defense & Firearm Training, LLC.

Veteran Owned​ Company

Training is an never ending path, start your path today and give yourself the power to protect yourself, your family and the community. Firearm ownership does not stop at LTC license, it is just the beginning.

Your Protection 

Is Our Top Priority

Welcome to the Texas  Defense & Firearm Training, LLC. website.


We Are All About the Training

Welcome to the Texas Defense & Firearm Training, LLC. website. Our company is owned by Ted Jagen, a proud Navy veteran and instructor for various home defense and firearm safety training courses. His background includes working as a Range Safety Officer and Small Arms Instructor in the Navy and a USCCA Certified Instructor. He believes training is a path. His vision for the company is to provide a path of training from basic to advanced. This way, people can cultivate their own training program, and at their own rate. He also believes training should be cost effective and where everyone can participate. Join him and build your training so you can be knowledgeable and skilled with your own defense and security. Do not be one of those who has a firearm sitting in a drawer and you have not cleaned or even picked it up in years thinking if you need it, that you and your firearm will be ready. If I can stop one mishap, one person from being a victim , then I can call Texas Defense & Firearm Training, LLC. a success. Participate with me in making our community a safer place.

Training Courses 

Our courses are for the very beginner to the advanced, with a focus on deterrence and avoidance first and then use of force to include nonlethal to deadly force. Please review the courses offered, and if you have questions, feel free to contact us. We proudly cater to clients in DFW and the rest of Texas.