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Texas Defense & Firearm Training, LLC.

Veteran Owned​ Company

Training is an never ending path, start your path today and give yourself the power to protect yourself, your family and the community. Firearm ownership does not stop at LTC license, it is just the beginning.

We Teach Defensive 

Skills and Proper 

Firearm Use

Welcome to the Texas  Defense & Firearm Training, LLC. website. 


Home Defense and Firearm Training Courses

Do you want to be a USCCA Instructor?

Do you have the drive and desire to become a certified Concealed Carry and Home Defense Instructor? The USCCA Instructor makes a difference in people's lives and the lives around them to include family and the community. The USCCA Instructor has such value to the community, those who are instructors can attend the Department of Public Service License to Carry Instructor program so you can certify Texas citizens their LTC (License to Carry) certification. There are many benefits to being a USCCA Instructor, if you are interested, please call us at 817-797-8244 or email us at [email protected] and we will explain the program. 

One on One Firearm Instruction

We will conduct one on one firearm instruction with you on the range. Beginner to intermediate level students can obtain to of the line instruction on how to handle and use your firearm. We will start with an evaluation to determine what level you need to start. Even if you do not have a firearm and want to try it out, this instruction is for you. We have firearms to rent and ammo to purchase for the course. We are patient and will move at your pace. We have several ranges in the DFW area, so we can come to you and use a range you can go for future practice. The instruction starts at $85 for the first hour and $50 for additional hours. If you have any questions, please let us know!

On on On Instruction Registration

Texas Constitutional Carry Laws Zoom Course

(Zoom on Oct 20th @ 7pm CST) Register Today!

This 2 hour course is about Texas Constitutional Carry that took affect on September 1, 2021. We will cover basic safety, awareness when carrying, and how the law is different between Constitutional Carry and License to Carry. This course will provide you the necessary information so you can be safe and stay within the law. There are new signs and definitions of signs you as a gun carrier will need to know as there will be no warnings if you Constitutional Carry and break the law. The course is $10 and everyone will receive the law changes in their email. Register today and you will be emailed the Zoom information for the course! The course is 7pm to 9pm for both nights. 

Texas Constitutional Carry Safety and Law Zoom Course 

Click here to register

Handgun 101 FUNdamentals - Burleson, Tx

Friday Course (October 30th) at 8am - 2pm

*This course will discuss the operation of your specific handgun. We will discuss the 4 international safety rules. We will disassemble, clean and assemble your piston in the class room and discuss gadgets and holsters and preventive maintenance required for your hand gun. We will discuss the international safety rules. We will work on the basics of handguns and ammo, the responsibility in carrying a firearm, and when non-lethal and lethal force is used. There is no ammo allowed in this course. We sill discuss gadgets such as holsters, magazines, lights and lasers, so if you have these things, bring them and we can discuss your equipment. We will then spend range time getting familiar with your firearm and trialing the LTC shooting portion of the state mandated test. This course is $50 and the range fee is $10. Gun rental and ammo is additional. 

CLICK the box below to register for the Handgun 101 Training Course

Handgun 101 FUNdamentals Registration

LTC Online Course (Register Today)

Texas Defense & Firearm Training, LLC. is now offering the Online LTC Course through the USCCA website. How this works is register for the course through the "REGISTER" button below. The USCCA will send you an email with the hyperlink to complete the 4 hour course. If you are a USCCA member, this will be located in your eLearning purchases on the front page of your Membership Login page. Complete the 4 hour Texas state approved course and conduct the test at the end. Once you have passed the test you will be completed and the USCCA will send you your LTC-101. Register for the Handgun 101 course to complete the 2 hour additional classroom and the shooting proficiency test. You will be completed and ready to submit your documentation to the state for your license. Just register and an email will be sent to you with instructions to the USCCA website so you can take the online course. 

Online LTC (License to Carry) Course

Press Here

Texas LTC Online 2 Hour Training & Shooting Proficiency  (Register and Schedule Date and Time)

This class is for those who have completed the Texas Online LTC training course and need the 2 hour classroom training and shooting proficiency. The class will cover use of force, basic handgun safety, range safely, and cover the shooting proficiency course of fire. The we will conduct the Texas LTC shooting proficiency course at the range. Register for this course and then notify the instructor to schedule the course. Just register and we will contact you to schedule a date and time that will benefit you. 

Texas LTC Online 2 Hour Training & Proficiency Shoot Registration

Situational Awareness / Human Trafficking Awareness

Register today!!!! Class on Dec. 4th Plano, Texas

In today's society we have threats all around us. Most people are oblivious to the things going on around them, they only focus on what goes on 3 feet from them. Bad people use situational awareness to spot their new target, usually finding soft or easy prey to ensure success in their evil plot. We want to provide you the same skill sets as taught in the military and police so you can be a wolf and a less desired target. This course dives into what threats look for in a target, how they can tell, who is in your family, where you live, your behaviors, and if you are an easy target. Search on Google "Walmart, Van, Kidnapping, DFW" you will see it happens more than you think, this is one situation of many. At the end of the course, you will have the knowledge to be aware of your surroundings, know what constitutes a threat, how to not be a threat, human behaviors that are key indicators, and what to do if you feel there is a threat around you. The other pert of the course is about the Blue Campaign, Homeland Security's human trafficking awareness training. Most people have the wrong definition of human trafficking, it is more around us then most understand. We will discuss the true definition, key indicators, and how to initiate actions to bring people who exploit humans to justice. This is happening in our neighborhood, high schools, and businesses all around us. This class is for those who what to be embolden to ensure they are not victims, to strengthen the security of their families, and the neighborhood. Human trafficking is very real and can be sensitive to those who have been abused, so parents will need to make a decision if their teens should go, but it is a good course for older teens.

Situational Awareness / Human Trafficking Awareness Plano Registration

Countering the Mass Shooter Threat Course 

Texas Defense and Firearm Training, LLC. is now providing a course for ch the act was carried out.urches, businesses and schools about a threat no one wants to hear or see. However, the best way to counter a horrible threat like these is through sharing information, awareness, and building a proactive operational plan to counter this threat. This course is not to change a plan you may already have in place, this course is to bolster awareness and provide additional ideas to improve and guide your operational plan. This course gathered data from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security and dives into what constitutes an active shooter or a mass shooter. Going into the minds and behaviors of those who commit these crimes. In majority of these crimes, the reasons behind these horrific actions were very similar, in fact ever incident was even known by others before the act was carried out. So we address in this course how important it is to act on the tips we are given. Here are just some of the lesson topics in this course: 

Things many people do not know:

1. Mass shooters shoot once every 10 seconds on average

2. It takes 3 minutes to dial 911 and talk to dispatcher

3. It takes 1-2 additional minutes to send message to police officer

4. It takes additional 4-6 minutes, best scenario, for the officer to arrive on scene.

5. It takes 2-4 minutes for the officer to confront the mass shooter......

'Time is critical, waiting on the police can take too long. We need to find away to cut the response time

So not only is the mass shooter a threat, so is time. So, what is the only solution to limit the amount of victims? Having a good security team on site. However, a good security team is not just people that can hit targets at the range. A good security team requires each person to know their each other's strengths and weaknesses, to include the farthest they can shoot with a 100% hit rate. 

1. What have we learned about mass shooters?

2. Snapshot of Mass Shootings in the USA.

3. Police Response Times

4. What works and does not work as far as laws and plans

5. Knowing the signs of a mass shooter

6. Creating or improving an Emergency Operations Plan

7. Special considerations for schools

8. Special considerations for houses of worship

9. Do not be an easy victim: Run, Hide or Fight

10. Planning for an armed response

11. Triage and treat the wounded

12. Where do we go from here?

Contact Ted Jagen at 817-797-8244 or email at [email protected] to enquire about this course. 

Countering a Mass Shooter Threat Presentation

We are a USCCA Partner 

Keep Your Family and Property Safe and Secure

We know that personal and home safety is a priority for everyone. But do you have a home defense or security system in place? Or do you know what to do in case someone breaks in and/or attempts to harm the people you love? Learn how you can be proactive in protecting everything that matters to you with the help of Texas Defense & Firearm Training, LLC.

We are a proud USCCA Official Partner and we encourage every gun owner to take advantage of what the USCCA offers. Click the link below to get their FREE Concealed Carry Guide for more life-saving knowledge. Click the hyperlink below to receive your free guide! Know your rights!!!!!

Click Hyperlink Below to get your information!!!!

What We Do 

Partnering with USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association) We offer a range of training courses to individuals in the DFW area and the rest of Texas. Explore our website to learn more about what we offer.

Why Continued Learning Is Important

  • You become aware of new and changing laws
  • You keep yourself familiarized with your firearms and defensive systems
  • You stay focused on your surroundings and situational awareness
  • You ensure your equipment is maintained and ready for use
  • You stay up to date with new training processes and programs

Industry-Leading Education and Resources: Learn from industry experts in the fields of legal defense, current events, home safety, and the concealed carry lifestyle.

World-Class Self-Defense Training: Take your training to the next level with lifesaving videos, webinars, scenario-based training series, and the USCCA Protector Academy.

Exclusive Discounts and Member-Only Perks: Who doesn't like new gear? Every USCCA membership comes with exclusive discounts of up to 30% off from top-name brands and leading industry partners.

USCCA Official Partner 

Texas Defense & Firearm Training, LLC. is excited to announce that we’re signing on as an Official Partner with the USCCA (The United States Concealed Carry Association)!

The USCCA is about something bigger than the right to bear arms: It's a resource to help you be ready for the before, during and after of a self-defense incident. If you're not one of the 600,000+ responsibly Armed Americans who are proud USCCA Members — then now is the time to explore USCCA Membership. Click "Learn More" below right now to learn about life saving education, industry-leading training, and self-defense liability insurance*.

The USCCA exists to help you avoid danger, and keep your loved ones safe. Make the commitment today to responsibly protect yourself and your family. Check out the U.S. Concealed Carry Association right now for instant access to industry-leading educational resources, expert-led training, and self-defense liability insurance*. Get the peace of mind that you deserve. Click "Learn More" to get your FREE copy of the USCCA Concealed Carry Guide.

*The USCCA is not an insurance company. A policy has been issued to the USCCA. That policy provides the association and its members with self-defense liability insurance, subject to its terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions.


In addition to this, we'll be holding on-site educational workshops, Online ZOOM courses, training opportunities, and other special offers over the coming months. If you're not ready to pull the trigger on membership now, we encourage you to join us at one of our upcoming events to learn more.

For additional information on dates and workshop availability, please contact us by phone at 817-797-8244 or email Ted at [email protected]

We look forward to sharing this exciting partnership with you.

Best regards,

Texas Defense & Firearm Training, LLC.

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